CMC Control-310 – Omicron

Key features

  • Easy manual testing with the CMControl P unit and the CMControl P App running on a Windows PC or an Android Tablet
  • Portable and lightweight testing solution
  • Reduced testing efforts, increased productivity
  • Highly reliable and economic solution
  • Future proof – upgrade to CMC 353 possible


Simple and fast three-phase testing

The CMC 310 is specifically designed for basic three-phase testing of protection and measurement devices. It is operated by the CMControl P software which runs on the CMControl P unit, a Windows PC or on an Android tablet. Its intuitive user interface and the test tools included are optimized for quick manual testing in the field.

The lightweight and compact design makes the CMC 310 particularly suitable for testing distribution systems, as well as industrial or SCADA systems. If automated testing is requested, a CMC 310 can be upgraded to a CMC 353 at any time which then can be operated by the PC based Test Universe software.